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Robson out, Blackwell in.

Even for Sheff Utd's standards, this has been an amazing week.

Fan pressure finally told and McCabe made the decision that Robson's position as manager was untenable. The offer of moving upstairs to the position of "Director of Football" was wisely turned down by Robson and he left the club.

I'd like to wish him all the best, but at the same time I am not unhappy that he has left.

His managership promised a lot, but failed to deliver on almost every front. The only bright point was and is the cup run.
His dour interview manner didn't help his popularity rating amongst supporters and his constant blaming of everyone but himself alienated him from the the supporters even more.
The final straw for many, myself included, was his criticism of the fans last week.
A bridge too far, Bryan.

Anyway, he has gone and we must look to the future.

I'm impressed by the way McCabe has approached this difficult week. The appointment of someone who knows the club well, on a temporary basis until the end of the season, makes a lot of sense.
If Blackwell doesn't produce the required level of football at the Lane, then McCabe has the time to make sure we get the right man installed for next season.
If he does well though, there is every chance that he will be kept on full time. So every incentive for Blackwell there to do well.

A win, win, situation in my eyes and cleverly done by Mr. McCabe.

A tough game tomorrow against a good Middlesbro team, but the Lane should be packed to the rafters with newly enthused Blades fans, creating an intimidating atmosphere that could spur the team on to the quarter finals.

Whatever happens tomorrow, the lane will be a happier place to be and the future will be looking a lot brighter than it was a week ago.


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Looking better.

Well, since my last editorial piece, things have indeed changed.

We are now 6 games unbeaten and have acrued 12 points fom those games, which equates to 2 points a game. Promotion form!

The defence has improved immesurably. Midfield better, but not there yet, and up front Beattie and Webber seem to be forging a good partnership.

We now have to see if this good form can continue until at least january when we (hope) that Robson can strengthen the side. A lot of ifs and buts in there. The most pressing being, can we keep Cahill? If not, then it will be difficult to find someone else of his calibre. I hope he stays.
Bardsley seems the more likely of our loanees, to sign for us. He also, has been instrumental in our upturn in form.

The jury is still out for me on the Robson Kidd partnership, but I'm feeling a lot more optimistic than I was a month ago.

End of term report for the first third of the season:
Bad start, steadily improving. Must keep it up!

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Robson in, Robson out?

Ten games in and not looking good.

Where do I start?

I wasn't happy with the appointment of Robson from day one, but I did say I'd give him a chance to show what he can do. Initially, my thoughts were that 10 games should be long enough for us to see whether he could point this team in the right direction. After 10 games we are 20th in the division having won only 2 games and lost 5. I still believe 10 games is more than a fair crack of the whip and Robson has shown in that time that he isn't up to the job.

Now he is still trying to strengthen and has brought in Bardsley this week, with a central midfielder also expected to come in. Whether this will inject the necessary impetus remains to be seen.
Robson has made some changes which I am in total agreement with. The culling of players such as Davis, Leigterwood, Nade,etc was necessary. The fact that he got substantial amounts of money for them was an added bonus. In Leggy's case, a bloody miracle! How many managers could have attracted Beattie to this league is also a point in his favour. Other sales, such as Fathi, when we were struggling for midfielders, is a little more puzzling though

There have also been publicity faux pas which have not helped his cause either. Stating on more than one occassion that a midfielder would be arriving within days and then nothing happening and then the worst of the lot, Ze Maria. saying we had signed him, when we actually hadn't.
All this just infuriates supporters.

The biggest problem I see in a Robson side is the lack of passion and fight.
This has been all too evident over the last few games. Two assets we had in abundance under Warnock. We lacked in other areas under warnock, but never in those two. I'm all for passing the ball around, but it has to produce an end product and the bite we are lacking in midfield and defence has cost us dearly. It doesn't auger well when we see Robson and Kidd motionless on the touchline. It makes you wonder how they can motivate the players in the dressing room. Unless they find that "Sheffield Steel" soon, then it may already be too late for this season.

McCabe has publically backed Robson in the last few weeks. So I can't see him being replaced in the short term, but if things continue in the same vein, then McCabe won't be able to turn a deaf ear to the clamour from the supporters for much longer.

I hope Robson turns it around and proves me wrong, but I'm not convinced he will.

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A fine day out!

(From the left: Vanc's dad, Vanc, and Finn)

My thanks go to Andrew Collins (Vancouver Blade) for a very enjoyable day out at the Lane last saturday.

He kindly included me amongst his party for a corporate visit to the Lane, courtesy of Sheffield FC.

We were treated to a three course meal in the Platinium Suite before the game and then seated in the Directors area of the South Stand. Padded seats with armrests and lots of legroom. Obviously, what topped it off was the 3-1 victory for the Blades.

Andrew works for EA Sports in Vancouver and has been heavily involved in the making of Fifa 08, which is due out in a couple of weeks.
He has fine tuned the Blades team for the game and this year's offering promises to be better than ever!

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Two games in

Thoughts so far.
I was there on saturday and listened to last night's game on BladesWorld.It seems we are trying to play more attractive, passing, keep ball, football this season. Which I, for one, am pleased about.

The forwards are looking good. Beattie, Stead and Webber have all found the back of the net in the first 2 games and Sharp was unlucky not to have had a penalty.

Midfield is still an area of concern.Monty and Leggy was a failure and I hope we never see them both together again. Slightly worrying that Robson has started Leggy in both games so far. I don't think he is good enough. Keef has looked ok, without being spectacular and Hendrie looked good, but would be better in the middle.
Tonge showed what he can do and should start on saturday. Carney got a start last night and sounded excellent. Just what we have been missing on the wings. He can play both sides too!
What has happened to mini Quinny and Fathi? Both are class players and are not even on the bench at the moment. Strange.
My midfield on saturday would be Carney, Monty, Hendrie and Tonge.

Defence is the major problem at the moment.Geary has been excellent in both games. No blame lies there.Naysmith and Armstrong have both looked good, although there was a chasm of space open down our left flank when Colchester scored the 2nd.
Lucketti has also been steady and I'm not too worried about him.
Bromby played at CB last night and it is not his position. Should stick to right back.
Then we have Kilgallon. He looked very good at times on saturday, but then makes a schoolboy error out of nowhere, not just once either. Last night he continued in this vein. Giving away stupid free kicks in dangerous areas and falling out of position. this against 2nd division opposition too!For me, he has to get his finger out quickly, or ship out.
The thought of him up against Marlon King scares the hell out of me!
On saturday I'd play:Geary, Morgan, Lucks and Armstrong.

Kenny in goal is looking leaner and meaner this season. We have no problems there.

If we can get a settled midfield and defence very soon, I reckon we should stroll this division, but we can't carry passengers and Killa and Leggy at the moment are relaxing in their first class reclining chairs.


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It gets worse!

So, it looks like the Premier League are now trying to brush the whole sorry Tevez episode under the carpet.

In letting Man Utd sign him on loan and allowing then to pay West Ham 2M and at least 5M to MSI, they have rolled over and let West Ham tickle their private parts.
West Ham's fine has now been reduced to 3.5M and the Premier League has again proved that it is a impotent and pathetic organisation.
It can now only be hoped that Mccabe and his lawyers can take them to court for their incompatent actions.

We at Blades BEES demand that Scudamore and Richards do the decent thing and resign immediately!

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Never Give In, Never, Never, Never

"We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many long months of struggle and of suffering. You ask, what is our policy? I can say: It is to wage war, by media, support and legal action, with all our might and with all the strength that God can give us; to wage war against a monstrous tyranny, never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of football crime. That is our policy. You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word: It is victory, victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory, however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival."

"We will have no truce or parley with you, or the grisly gang who work your wicked will. You do your worst - and we will do our best. Perhaps it may be our turn soon; perhaps it may be our turn now."

Famous words uttered by possibly Britain's finest ever Prime Minister.
(Slightly altered to fit the cause).

These words are equally relevant to our cause today. Fittingly, they could have also been uttered by one of our finest men: Kevin McCabe.
A man who will not be intimidated by the powers that be. A man that will not be brushed aside as an irrelevance by the courts or the biased.
A man that has passionately and vehemetly fought our club's corner and will not give up until we achieve justice for the wrongs done to us.

We may have lost another battle in court yesterday, but we have not lost the war yet.

We at BEES support you 100% Kevin! Give 'em hell!


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