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About Bees

The BEES site was started by Richard (Hague Blade) and myself (Amsterdam Blade) in August 2006 in response for a need to represent Blades fans living away from the area in regard to obtaining tickets for games.

SUFC had changed its ticketing policy for the start of that season on our return to the Premier League. They had put together ticketing packages for most home games, meaning that supporters would have to buy tickets for 2 or 3 games, even if they only wanted to view one. This new policy meant it became increasingly difficult for Blades living away to be able to get tickets for individual games. This site helped people share tickets and obtain single tickets for games.

Since then ticketing policy has been relaxed and it is no longer a problem.   Consequently, the mandate of this site has also changed.

Our aim now is to represent all supporters, living away from the South Yorkshire area, in any way we can.

We have a contact at the club, Andy Pack, who is always helpful and sympathetic to our concerns.

Our thanks go to Chris Edge for putting many hours of work into this site and for providing his services free of charge. Also an honorary mention for Sitwell from Blades United forum, for his original idea, which galvanised us to produce this site.

This site is for You!

Enjoy it and feel free to put forward any views or suggestions you may have.

Ian Boydon - Amsterdam Blade

Richard Goddard - Hague Blade