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Robson out, Blackwell in.

Even for Sheff Utd's standards, this has been an amazing week.

Fan pressure finally told and McCabe made the decision that Robson's position as manager was untenable. The offer of moving upstairs to the position of "Director of Football" was wisely turned down by Robson and he left the club.

I'd like to wish him all the best, but at the same time I am not unhappy that he has left.

His managership promised a lot, but failed to deliver on almost every front. The only bright point was and is the cup run.
His dour interview manner didn't help his popularity rating amongst supporters and his constant blaming of everyone but himself alienated him from the the supporters even more.
The final straw for many, myself included, was his criticism of the fans last week.
A bridge too far, Bryan.

Anyway, he has gone and we must look to the future.

I'm impressed by the way McCabe has approached this difficult week. The appointment of someone who knows the club well, on a temporary basis until the end of the season, makes a lot of sense.
If Blackwell doesn't produce the required level of football at the Lane, then McCabe has the time to make sure we get the right man installed for next season.
If he does well though, there is every chance that he will be kept on full time. So every incentive for Blackwell there to do well.

A win, win, situation in my eyes and cleverly done by Mr. McCabe.

A tough game tomorrow against a good Middlesbro team, but the Lane should be packed to the rafters with newly enthused Blades fans, creating an intimidating atmosphere that could spur the team on to the quarter finals.

Whatever happens tomorrow, the lane will be a happier place to be and the future will be looking a lot brighter than it was a week ago.


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