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Looking better.

Well, since my last editorial piece, things have indeed changed.

We are now 6 games unbeaten and have acrued 12 points fom those games, which equates to 2 points a game. Promotion form!

The defence has improved immesurably. Midfield better, but not there yet, and up front Beattie and Webber seem to be forging a good partnership.

We now have to see if this good form can continue until at least january when we (hope) that Robson can strengthen the side. A lot of ifs and buts in there. The most pressing being, can we keep Cahill? If not, then it will be difficult to find someone else of his calibre. I hope he stays.
Bardsley seems the more likely of our loanees, to sign for us. He also, has been instrumental in our upturn in form.

The jury is still out for me on the Robson Kidd partnership, but I'm feeling a lot more optimistic than I was a month ago.

End of term report for the first third of the season:
Bad start, steadily improving. Must keep it up!

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