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Robson in, Robson out?

Ten games in and not looking good.

Where do I start?

I wasn't happy with the appointment of Robson from day one, but I did say I'd give him a chance to show what he can do. Initially, my thoughts were that 10 games should be long enough for us to see whether he could point this team in the right direction. After 10 games we are 20th in the division having won only 2 games and lost 5. I still believe 10 games is more than a fair crack of the whip and Robson has shown in that time that he isn't up to the job.

Now he is still trying to strengthen and has brought in Bardsley this week, with a central midfielder also expected to come in. Whether this will inject the necessary impetus remains to be seen.
Robson has made some changes which I am in total agreement with. The culling of players such as Davis, Leigterwood, Nade,etc was necessary. The fact that he got substantial amounts of money for them was an added bonus. In Leggy's case, a bloody miracle! How many managers could have attracted Beattie to this league is also a point in his favour. Other sales, such as Fathi, when we were struggling for midfielders, is a little more puzzling though

There have also been publicity faux pas which have not helped his cause either. Stating on more than one occassion that a midfielder would be arriving within days and then nothing happening and then the worst of the lot, Ze Maria. saying we had signed him, when we actually hadn't.
All this just infuriates supporters.

The biggest problem I see in a Robson side is the lack of passion and fight.
This has been all too evident over the last few games. Two assets we had in abundance under Warnock. We lacked in other areas under warnock, but never in those two. I'm all for passing the ball around, but it has to produce an end product and the bite we are lacking in midfield and defence has cost us dearly. It doesn't auger well when we see Robson and Kidd motionless on the touchline. It makes you wonder how they can motivate the players in the dressing room. Unless they find that "Sheffield Steel" soon, then it may already be too late for this season.

McCabe has publically backed Robson in the last few weeks. So I can't see him being replaced in the short term, but if things continue in the same vein, then McCabe won't be able to turn a deaf ear to the clamour from the supporters for much longer.

I hope Robson turns it around and proves me wrong, but I'm not convinced he will.

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