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Two games in

Thoughts so far.
I was there on saturday and listened to last night's game on BladesWorld.It seems we are trying to play more attractive, passing, keep ball, football this season. Which I, for one, am pleased about.

The forwards are looking good. Beattie, Stead and Webber have all found the back of the net in the first 2 games and Sharp was unlucky not to have had a penalty.

Midfield is still an area of concern.Monty and Leggy was a failure and I hope we never see them both together again. Slightly worrying that Robson has started Leggy in both games so far. I don't think he is good enough. Keef has looked ok, without being spectacular and Hendrie looked good, but would be better in the middle.
Tonge showed what he can do and should start on saturday. Carney got a start last night and sounded excellent. Just what we have been missing on the wings. He can play both sides too!
What has happened to mini Quinny and Fathi? Both are class players and are not even on the bench at the moment. Strange.
My midfield on saturday would be Carney, Monty, Hendrie and Tonge.

Defence is the major problem at the moment.Geary has been excellent in both games. No blame lies there.Naysmith and Armstrong have both looked good, although there was a chasm of space open down our left flank when Colchester scored the 2nd.
Lucketti has also been steady and I'm not too worried about him.
Bromby played at CB last night and it is not his position. Should stick to right back.
Then we have Kilgallon. He looked very good at times on saturday, but then makes a schoolboy error out of nowhere, not just once either. Last night he continued in this vein. Giving away stupid free kicks in dangerous areas and falling out of position. this against 2nd division opposition too!For me, he has to get his finger out quickly, or ship out.
The thought of him up against Marlon King scares the hell out of me!
On saturday I'd play:Geary, Morgan, Lucks and Armstrong.

Kenny in goal is looking leaner and meaner this season. We have no problems there.

If we can get a settled midfield and defence very soon, I reckon we should stroll this division, but we can't carry passengers and Killa and Leggy at the moment are relaxing in their first class reclining chairs.


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