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Swept under the carpet

Cheats "DO" prosper

A sad day for english football.

West Ham cheated and have got away with no punishment.
5.5 million is no punishment for a club that will be making at least eight times that by remaining in the Premier League. That fine is nothing but a slap on the wrists for a side that can afford to bring in 6 million pound players and offer Tevez more than 100k per week to stay with them.

Many football fans are also missing the wider issue here.
This is not just about whether West Ham should have been relegated or the Blades reinstated, this is about the FAPL setting a dangerous precedent by not docking WHU points.
The whole system is now open to abuse. Any team that has points deducted in the future will now be able to contest that.

The FAPL has acted incompetently and if he had any professional honour, Scudamore should resign immediately!

posted by Blades Bees @ 20:45,  

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