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Fixtures or fix?

Today the fixtures are due out for next season.

Strangely enough, they were supposed to come out two weeks from now, but were mysteriously brought forward. This is four days before the arbitration comittee sits to decide whether the intial inquiry over the "Tevez affair", was fair.

Now if I was a cynical man, I may say that this could be interpreted as a deliberate ploy to make it very,very difficult to reinstate us to the Premier League.

Well I really hope that this day comes back to haunt them and they have one major logistical problem to overcome in a week or two's time.

Even though everything seems stacked against us, I still believe justice will seen to be done and we will be returned to the "Big boys league".

Even Gordon Taylor spoke out in support of our cause yesterday!

This site backs McCabe's actions 100% and we wish him and the club success next monday and tuesday.


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