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What do you think of it so far?

So the New Year began with a disappointing result at Boro, given the super human performance against Arsenal, I'm not too surprised nor too downhearted. At just over the mid-way stage we are 5 points ahead of third from bottom, WHU, and I guess most of us would have settled for that we kicked the new season off. None the less we have squandered far too many points at home and been too timid at times away from home.

The plusses so far have been the re-emergence of Morgan, Geary and Kozluk as players who can perform at this level. Although I still worry about Morgan's temperament. a punch against Arsenal and a daft penalty against Boro, once again underline the frailties of this immensely likeable bloke. Hulse has also been a revelation and well worth the money spent. Davis I'm unsure about, he spends too much time on the ground for my liking. Finally the emergence of Quinn (jnr) and Law are encouraging signs that maybe, just maybe we can develop our own players.

Disappointments are without doubt the failure of the likes of Ade, Horsfield, Ifill and Kabba to establish themselves at this level. Only Kabba came cheap the rest look like expensive misjudgements by Neil.

So looking forward what will 2007 hold for us, survival after the revival or a swift return to the fizzy pop league ? A lot depends on how well Neil does in the transfer market. His record to date suggests more chocolate teapots than gems.

Richard - Hague Blade

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